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MUDr. Martin Boháč, PhD., MHA., FEBOPRAS is a graduate of the Medical Faculty of the Comenius University in Bratislava, where he also made his board exam. He works as a plastic surgeon at the Department of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstruction Surgery of the Medical Faculty of the Comenius University, under the University Hospital Bratislava – Ružinov.He is acquiring and uses further practical experience at private clinics in Bratislava, Prague and Vienna.




In his practice he deals with a broad scales of procedures in the field of plastic, esthetic and reconstructive surgery. Recently, under the Visegrad project New Mamma, he also deals with breast reconstruction after cancer.

As one of the first in his field, he began to deal with research of adult stem cells from adipose tissue and their clinical application in plastic surgery using state of the art 3D pre and post-op analysis.

He is a member of a team of experts of the Experimental Oncology of the SSA and MF of the CU, which is dealing with research and use of adult stem cells in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Martin Boháč is a lecturer at the Medical Faculty of the CU, solver and co-solver of several grants APVV, VEGA, CU BA and several clinical studies.




He presents the results of his work at national and international expert forums and publishes in scientific (see here) and lay journal (see here). In 2015 he wrote and with the aid of the AVON Corporation and League against Cancer published a monograph entitled „New breast“. The goal was to present patients after breast cancer with a full life again through breast reconstruction.



He attended several foreign study stays at clinics, namely in: Taiwan, USA, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and in the Czech Republic. In 2014 he participated at the ISAPS LEAP humanitarian mission in Jordan.

He is one of three successful Slovak graduates of the prestigious European board examination in plastic surgery, which got him the FEBOPRAS (Fellow of European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery).

He successfully completed Masters Study in the field of Public Health Administration at the College of Health and Social Work of St. Elizabeth, which got him the title MHA (Master of Health Administration).

After being appointed by the Ministry of Justice of the SR in 2016 he became a court expert in the field of plastic surgery.

A number of workshops, courses and international congresses are taking place in this fast developing field, attested except for other by certificates:

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  • Facial Surgery Certificate (Endotine)
  • Esthetic and Functional Surgery of the Nose Certificate (prof. Gubisch)
  • SMAS and Short Scar Technique Facelift Surgery Certificate (Dr. Verpaelle, Dr. Tonnard)
  • Body Modelling Certificate (Central European Advanced Course – Body Contouring)
  • 3D Liposuction Certificate (prof. Turkof)
  • Lipotransfer into the Area of the Face, Breasts, Buttocks and Hands Certificate (ISAPS – Fat Transfer)
  • Breasts Esthetic Surgery Certificate (Dr. Hammond)
  • Breasts Reconstructive Surgery Certificate (prof. Wei)
  • Breasts Reduction – Augmentation Esthetic Surgery Certificate (Dr. Per Heden)
  • Application of Filling Materials Certificate (Allergan – Medical Aesthetics)
  • Application of Botulotoxin Type A Certificate (Botox, Dysport)


He is a member in national and international organizations:

  • Slovak Medical Association (SLS)
  • Slovak Wounds Treatment Association (SSPLR)
  • Slovak Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Association (SSPECH)
  • Slovak Regenerative Medicine Association (SSRM)
  • International Confederation for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery (IPRAS)
  • European Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (ESPRAS)
  • International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)
  • European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (EBOPRAS)


In 2012 he establish the MAMMA FEMININA Civil Association (from the Latin for female breast), which deals especially in the field of breast reconstruction of patients after overcoming cancer.


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